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LYNX-DEV Re: Suggs. on Mail and Search commands

From: Mike Brown
Subject: LYNX-DEV Re: Suggs. on Mail and Search commands
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 18:47:07 -0800 (PST)


Lynx 2.6 doesn't yet have a circular buffer for the last mailing address
entered from the 'p'rint/mail document screen.  However it does have a 
Find Next feature - the 'n' key.  I didn't think this was a new
development, though.  Are you sure your version doesn't have it?

Even so, there are so many bug fixes and enhancements in 2.6 versus 2.4.x
that you should pressure your local admins to obtain and install the
current version.  Imagine being able to browse through frames and
client-side imagemaps, for one :)  There are pointers to the new code at

Also, the lynx-dev list is now at address@hidden


> I've been using Lynx on an HP-UX machine for about 11 months now.  I use
> it to browse and search the WWW.  My environment is purely curses and Lynx
> works great on my VT240.  In these 11 months I've found myself muttering
> the following regarding mailing using the 'p' key command:
> "Wouldn't it be nice if Lynx 'remembered' the last internet mailing
> address entered (in this session) ?".
> I use Lynx to mail pages to another node.  I may do this several times per
> session.
> One other thing that would be nice for Lynx to 'remember':
> When I use the '/' to search,  Lynx should 'store' the last entered search
> string.  In that way, the '/' becomes a FIND NEXT type of feature and
> will reduce re-entering (probably the same) search string every time.
> BTW, our version of Lynx here is 2.4.   I know 2.6 is the latest.
> I really like Lynx.  Better than Netscape for text heavy stuff.
> Thank you.
> Mike Rourke  e-mail:  address@hidden
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