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LYNX-DEV problem when page has only one input area

From: Eliot Moss
Subject: LYNX-DEV problem when page has only one input area
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 10:26:05 -0500 (EST)

Recently I ran into a Web page that has a form with exactly one input area,
namely a string to use for searching a database. There are no other links or
active areas on the page. While the Lynx documentation claims that Enter,
Return, etc., will cause the input to be submitted, it does not actually work,
and there is no obvious way to move off of the input field.

The first few times I did this, I had to ^C Lynx. Eventually I found that I
could use the left-arrow key to move to the beginning of the field and then
back to the previous page. But that STILL does not allow me to enter the text
and perform the search.

Older versions of Lynx as well as a 2.6 release version both exhibit the

The page in question is

I use the emacs key binding settings.

If there is a known fix, patch, etc., or a simple patch, perhaps a kind person
could respond directly to me, since I removed myself from lynx-dev :-).

Thanks, all --                                          Eliot Moss

J. Eliot B. Moss, Associate Professor
Computer Science Department, LGRC          (413) 545-4206
University of Massachusetts                (413) 545-1249 (fax)
Box 34610                                  address@hidden (email)
Amherst MA 01003-4610
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