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Re: lynx-FM

From: Jason Baker
Subject: Re: lynx-FM
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 11:45:02 -0800 ()

In a previous missive, Michael Schuyler wrote:
> A little confused. The latest version is 2.6, released early September. It
> says:
> "Rename of Lynx2-5FM and released as Lynx 2-6."
> What's the "FM" part? If I am running 2.5 do I need 2.6?

As I understand it (tho I'm sure Fote will be emailing you this as well,
so if his explanation differs from mine, use his ^_^), the -FM designation
indicates work done beyond the released 2.5 code, by Foteos Mercrides (I
think that's how it's spelled).  When 2.5-FM was deemed stable, a "snapshot"
of it was made at that point, and released as 2.6.  Development of 2.6 is
continuing under the -RJP tree now (Fote's on a break).

I seem to recall the reason for freezing at a version is some people are
understandably shy of using a code base that's changing daily. :)

So, if you were following the near-daily release of new code from the FM
tree up until it stopped, no, just rename it 2.6.  If you weren't, pull
down 2.6 and compile it.

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