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LYNX-DEV From Ethiopia Again:- UTF-8 and Lynx

From: Daniel_Yacob_at_UNECA
Subject: LYNX-DEV From Ethiopia Again:- UTF-8 and Lynx
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 96 07:44:24 EST

     Thanks very much to all for the response to my original question.
     > Check out the DOWNLOADER definitions you can find via the FAQ. Find 
     > the FAQ from
     > Do get back to us if that doesn't solve your problem.
     Well, the issue is that we do not have any Internet access from here.  
     Email goes out throu long distance telephone calls to work.  The 
     Ethiopian Telecom.  Authority will keep a tight control on Internet 
     access when they make it avaialalbe -they will be the sole ISP.  No 
     one knows when we will get it.
     If the FAQ could be sent to me I would be extremely grateful.  A 
     second question concerns UTF-8 encoding.  We are experimenting with 
     Ethiopic script under Linux which supports UTF-8.  But with Lynx many 
     characters will vanish.  I tried a number of the ISO settings but none 
     worked.  I think any setting that is "8 Bit Safe" should work with 
     UTF-8.  Do I need to recompile?  Perhaps the FAQ answers this.
     I would be happy to discuss more about our application of lynx here 
     for those who would ask off-line.
     Thanks Again!!!
       -Daniel Yacob

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