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LYNX-DEV developing cache for lynx

From: Harendra Kumar
Subject: LYNX-DEV developing cache for lynx
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 21:02:31 +0530 (IST)

        here we are trying to develop such a cache for lynx that every 
person using lynx browser can access it.We are having source code of 
lynx 2.6 version .The O.S. we are using is Linux.The cache is intended to be 
formed such that when a person sends a request to any site the file is first
searched in the local common cache if it is not there then only the
browser will download it.
        presently the browser supports separate cache for every person 
using it.
        My queries are
1.      Is such or similar feature already there in lynx? If yes
        then how to use it.
2.      How should I start?From where to start?How can I implement this
3.      Is there some documentation available for lynx such as which 
        function  does what?I have studied WWW Implementation library of 
        the source code.
4.      suggest me some books which can help me.

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                  |                         |     M.N.R. Engg. College  | 
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