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LYNX-DEV blank screen

From: arttan
Subject: LYNX-DEV blank screen
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 06:53:05 -0559 (CST)

I often get a blank screen when selecting some links. I will leave the 
following message for the webmaster of the site. Can you suggest a better 
solution for this problem. I think we are using Lynx 2.5. Thanks for your 

When accessing the Web with my XT computer and Unix shell account, I use
Lynx V.2.5, text only Web browser. While selecting some links from your
Web site I got a blank screen. I often get a blank screen when linking to
a page with frames.  This could be the case with these pages. Also when I
am on these blank pages and I toggle from the rendered view to document
source view, with Lynx's \ command, I got the html coded text that is
very difficult to read. I hope this makes some sense as I don't know
enough about Lynx or html or designing Web pages to explain it in more

Although Lynx may be a somewhat primitive browser it is a fast information
getter by not having to look at all those pritty pictures most graphical
graphics oriented browsers can do.

A lot of us are looking for information and not pictures and icons.

I hope you can make your site more Lynx friendly as it looks like it
contains much usefull information. Thanks for your concideration of this

            Art Tantillo            La Porte, TX
            Email 1: address@hidden
            Email 2: address@hidden
         Learning without liberty is always in peril.
         Liberty without learning is always in vain.

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