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LYNX-DEV colored lynx

From: Scott McGee (Personal)
Subject: LYNX-DEV colored lynx
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 15:10:34 -0700

Hi all, it's me again.

Since I have my new color version of lynx, I wanted to explore what I could do
to customize it. I've spent the last half hour or more looking for some page
out there (or in my distribution docs) that describes what can be done by way
of controlling the color, and found none. (Oh, lots of pages from the archive
where color was discussed - mostly 2.4FM and earlier!) and mention that is is
there, but nothing telling how to use it.)

Is there a resource out there describing what can be done with the color on
lynx? I recall a few discussions of it, but didn't save them since I had no
colorized version.

Also, since with slang and (presumably) ncurses, we have such coloring, can 
(and should) we consider honoring HTML color requests such as 

 <FONT COLOR="red"> 



or maybe even 

 <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFF80" TEXT="#004080" LINK="#8080FF" VLINK="#800080" 

What say ye?


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