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Re: LYNX-DEV ALIGNment problem

From: Christopher R. Maden
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV ALIGNment problem
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 18:57:36 GMT

The original HTML was

<p align="right">
blah blah
blah blah

[Klaus Weide]

> I don't know whether the alignment handling should be changed, or
> how to do it, or whether that would create more problems than it
> solves.  Just pointing out a real example where it fails, I guess..

Absolutely.  Since a <p> can't contain <h2> (never mind any DTDs -
it's just not logical), and right alignment is a quality of the <p>,
the right alignment should end with the <h2>.

[Al Gilman]

> This looks like an excellent piece of detective work, the conclusion
> of which is "It's a feature."  If people want to use <P> to impose
> alignment, they can explicitly close it, IMHO.  

They would be wise to, given the state of the Web browser market, but
they should not have to.  If they stated <p align="right">, then Lynx
should assume that they wanted *that paragraph* and only that one

[Jason Baker]

> Indeed, that's always the way I learned it - if you just want a
> space, you can use <P> as a separator, but if you want anything
> else, you must use it as an encasement, and pair it with </P>....
> That's one thing I insist on my helpers doing is using encasement
> paragraphs all the time.  Doesn't make me a lot of friends, but it
> does help our pages pass validation. :)

It should have nothing to do with validation - <p> does not require an
end-tag to be valid.  You are wise to use </p> for cleanliness in all
browsers, but Lynx should *not* require it for proper behavior,
especially if the DTD explicitly allows its omission.

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