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Re: LYNX-DEV ALIGNment problem

From: Hiram Lester, Jr.
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV ALIGNment problem
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:41:41 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Al Gilman wrote:

>   From: "Hiram Lester, Jr." <address@hidden>
>   I know Fote has already commented and fixed the glitch, but I wanted to
>   pick a small nit here.  The <hr> is actually what ends the <p> as far as
>   the DTD is concerned.  
> To which DTD are you referring?

Alas, there I go in my unclarity again... :)  You mean there's another DTD
besides 3.2? ;)  I think HTML 3.0 and up was where the <p> tag was first
specified as a container tag although it may have been a container in 2.0. 
I write all my stuff to comply with HTML 3.2 and/or 3.0.  Writing for 2.0
seems to be a total waste since there's just so much that it doesn't have.
:(  3.x recognizes most of the stuff on that the GUI browsers have
(backgrounds, borders around images, etc.) plus all of the alignment stuff
that Lynx and the GUI's use.

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