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LYNX-DEV Numbered links

From: Ismael Cordeiro
Subject: LYNX-DEV Numbered links
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:02:46 -0500 (EST)

Nelson Henry Eric wrote:

> > It seems that completely changed the way Lynx interpreted <P
> > ALIGN=CENTER>. See What is said
> > in the first screen
> One other factor you need to consider when designing pages for Lynx is
> whether or not DEFAULT_KEYPAD_MODE is LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED. Some of the
> lines on that first page are wrapped because with numbered links, the
> lines become more than 80 characters. Otherwise, that's a fantastic
> reference page you've got there!

Thanks for pointing it out, Nelson. I hadn't taken it in consideration. I
changed some things in my page and now the header doesn't wrap anymore when
numbred links are used. Anyway, any document looks bad when numbered links
are used... ;-)

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