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Re: LYNX-DEV SCO binary where to download?

From: Rob Partington
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV SCO binary where to download?
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 09:27:08 +0000 (GMT)

Nelson Henry Eric wrote:
> > Is there a lynx out there that lets you tailor colors/attributes?
> There are basically two ways to go to get a `colorized' lynx, both
> require a complete curses library to link to.

But only one that lets you tailor mono attributes...  ;-)  (which seems
to be a bizarre situation)

> 1) Get S-Lang (slang0.99-37.tar.gz) by ftp from in

> 2) Get ncurses (-1.9.9e or later) by ftp from in

My colour patch has had a S-Lang version since about the beginning of
November (and a plain curses version as well) - there's a new version
coming this weekend as well which will be against (deep breath) plain
lynx, lynx-hiram, and lynx-fote.  It basically changes completely the
way styles are looked up in order that things like work correctly.

(It's got some other things in as well, like a colorised options screen,
 but they're not that important - the important thing is the support of
 the class attribute in my style code)

> styles modification allows you to set colors for a number of html
                                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^ all ;-)
> markup elements, so you can get greater variety and finer control than


> have never succeeded in compiling lynxrp (post 22-Oct-96) on sunos4.1.3.

I'll try and get one of my Suns down here and figure out what's wrong.

ObExcuses: I've not been doing much work on lynx lately because I've been
           completely rewriting a website's database and search engine.  But
           that's almost finished, so I can (in theory anyway) get back to
           doing some lynx-hacking. 
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