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From: Anya Sanko
Subject: LYNX-DEV bug
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 11:32:41 -0500

Our university gives all of its students computer accounts on OpenVMS VAX 6.2.  
These accounts include the use of Lynx 2.5.  These accounts were recently 
upgraded to this software in December.  Since then, we have been unable to use 

when we type lynx and it attempts to open the start menu, it crashes.  A series 
of numbers scrolls by and then the message "a fatal error has occurred in lynx, 
please contact your system administrator with a description of what you were 
doing when this occurred".

well, we have contacted our administrator via email and phone and they have yet 
to fix the problem.  They gave us this address and told us to ask here for help 
and/or support.

any help you have for us would be appreciated.

thank you,
anya sanko
karrie bowen

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