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Re: LYNX-DEV and AltaVista

From: Subir Grewal
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV and AltaVista
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 02:28:51 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Foteos Macrides wrote:

:As things presently stand, it seems doubtful that anyone will ever again
:be able to find those explanations via an Alta-Vista search of the
:lynx-dev archives, and it's unknown whether anyone in the Lynx User
:Communitee will take the initiative to set up a search service, and have
:the spare time to maintain it in a competent and conscientious manner. 

I had a look at AltaVista today.  A search for lynx-dev on
yeilds about three documents, which are eseentially the indices and
nothing more.  Not much help for someone intending to search on a
particular topic.  It's just possible that AltaVista lost part of its
index, I know there have been changes made to Altavista recently (for
instance, when you search for a _very_ common set of words it now presents
you with a blank page listing only the number of times the terms occur in
the index).

Hopefully AltaVista will begin indexing properly sometime soon, they have
the top page indexed, so their robot should find the rest of the site

I was able to find 3 search engines that seem to be indexing the
archives.  Excite, InfoSeek and MetaCrawler.  I've set up a page which
contains forms to submit queries to 6 search engines (pre-set to restrict
the search to the flora archives) the page is at:

I still don't get the complete mechanics of each search engine so I may
have failed to restrict the searches efficiently.  Feedback would be
appreciated, pointers to other search engines welcome. 

I resubmitted the Flora URL to Lycos and AltaVista, let's see what
happens.  Can someone do HotBot, they have a really screwed up form to add
URLs that I can't make head or tail of, I guess it must work on

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