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Re: LYNX-DEV Organization of -help output

From: root
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Organization of -help output
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 14:52:03 -0500 (EST)

Mike Brown wrote:
>     -auth=id:pw      authentication information for protected forms
>     -base            prepend a request URL comment and BASE tag to text/html
>                      outputs for -source or -mime_header dumps
>     -get_data        user data for get forms, read from stdin,
>                      terminated by '---' on a line
>     -historical      toggles use of '>' or '-->' as a terminator for comments
>     -image_links     toggles inclusion of links for all images
>     -minimal         toggles minimal versus valid comment parsing
>     -nolist          disable the link list feature in dumps
>     -number_links    force numbering of links
>     -popup           toggles handling of single-choice SELECT options via
>                      popup windows or as lists of radio buttons
>     -pseudo_inlines  toggles pseudo-ALTs for inlines with no ALT string
>     -soft_dquotes    toggles emulation of the old Netscape and Mosaic bug 
> which
>                      treated '>' as a co-terminator for double-quotes and tags
>     -underscore      toggles use of _underline_ format in dumps
>     -case            enable case sensitive user searching
>     -buried_news     toggles scanning of news articles for buried references
>     -child           exit on left-arrow in startfile, and disable save to disk
>     -cookies         toggles handling of Set-Cookie headers
>     -editor=EDITOR   enable edit mode with specified editor
>     -emacskeys       enable emacs-like key movement
>     -enable_scrollback  toggles compatibility with comm programs' scrollback
>                         keys (may be incompatible with some curses packages)
>     -fileversions    include all versions of files in local VMS directory
>                      listings

>     -newschunksize=NUMBER  number of articles in chunked news listings
>     -newsmaxchunk=NUMBER   maximum news articles in listings before chunking
>     -raw             toggles default setting of 8-bit character translations
>                      or CJK mode for the startup character set
>     -resubmit_posts  toggles forced resubmissions (no-cache) of forms with
>                      method POST when the documents they returned are sought
>                      with the PREV_DOC command or from the History List

These should be under "Document Reterival and Parsing", most likely.

>     -show_cursor     toggles hiding of the cursor in the lower right corner
>     -vikeys          enable vi-like key movement

It mostly looks pretty good, except it should prob. be under 80 chars wide.
(Unless it is reformatted dynamicly, but that's lots of work.)

   --- James Mastros
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