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LYNX-DEV trademark (TM, not ®) in Lynx

From: Alan J. Flavell
Subject: LYNX-DEV trademark (TM, not ®) in Lynx
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 20:43:25 +0000

[please copy any replies to me, I am not on this list, thanks]

With all due respect to Fote (whose initials appear on some of the
relevant code), I previously wrote expressing some disquiet about the
handling of the trademark character in Lynx.   It gets treated as an
alias of circle-R instead of being handled in its own right.

It's easy to modify the LYCharSets.c entries to (TM) if one prefers that,
and it works as far as the ™ entity is concerned, but I saw that
LYCharUtils.c was turning ™ directly into ® (the numerical
character reference for circle-R) after which the original distinction
between the two has been lost. 

I tried to amend LYCharUtils.c so that ™ would be turned into
™ instead, and subsequently processed as such; but it didn't seem to

I've now noticed that there is similar code present in SGML.c, and
have a mind to hack that as well (or instead).  Would someone familiar
with the code care to comment on why this function appears in these
two different places?  Natch I'll contribute the changes (assuming
anyone wants them) if I do manage to get it to work.
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