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LYNX-DEV lynx2.7 -vs- 2.5 screen issues

From: Richard Ponce
Subject: LYNX-DEV lynx2.7 -vs- 2.5 screen issues
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:22:29 -0800

I have an installed version of lynx2.5 which is running on a Linux2.0.0
box.  When upgrading to 2.7, I have noticed that hyperlinks, which
before were displayed as highlighted, are now displayed as highlighted
in reverse image.  This clutters certain screen types that access lynx
via telnet.  I am wondering if there is a way to turn off the
highlighted/reverse image hyperlinks and have them revert to hightlight
only, as they did in 2.5.  The 2.5 was pre-compiled with my
distribution, and the 2.7 I had to compile----once with a make linux,
and a second pass with a make linux-ncurses (these two in sequence were
the only way I could produce an executable).  The telnet terminals, are
monochrome, and CAN display the reverse image, but not in a usable form.

Thanks for any help in the matter,
Richard Ponce
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