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LYNX-DEV I need help

From: Hugo Benito Nava
Subject: LYNX-DEV I need help
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 17:18:37 -0700

Hi people of Lynx...

I'm a student from Mexico, i want to congratulate you for your definitly
cool browser... I use it often than navigator or explorer because i get
faster acces to the web pages with it (with my 486 dx33 of course of yes).

I just have a question (i read the documentation but i can't find how to do

i need to know: How to stop a request ??? i mean... something like the
"stop button" on the explorer or navigator...
sometimes a site is too slow, and i have to wait a long time or exit lynx
and try another page

It's all that i need...

and again... Congratulations !

Hugo Nava
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