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Re: LYNX-DEV new command: 123 g

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV new command: 123 g
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 12:57:21 -0400 (EDT)

970423 Al Gilman wrote: 
--- lots snipped ---
> I really need your comments to understand the problem, because in
> my mind the PGUP, PGDN, HOME and END keys don't exist and I don't
> miss 'em. --- more snipped ---
> Now that we have control-A and control-E synonyms for HOME and END
> as well as 'b' and <SPACE> for PGUP and PGDN
> I am not sure there is a residual paging problem.
> Note: I myself would simply change the behavior to 
> move-cursor-to-link-of-number and suffer the screams as people learn
> that now they have to hit <CR><CR> to get to the HREFed resource.
--- more snipped --- 
> It is more logical.  It is minimally slower, because your hand is
> right there at the <CR> key anyway.

several points arise:
(1) anything which follows is subject to comment from blind users;
(2) `logical' != `practical': as things stand, i can select a link number,
    enter it, hit Return, and go straight there: this is true
    whether or not it's on the presently displayed screen;
    under AG's proposal, if the link is NOT on the displayed screen,
    after hitting Return (1st time) i would have to wait
    while my 2400-baud connection scrolls thro' the new screen
    before it goes off & gets the link for me,
    & wherever the link is i would have to hit Return twice.

    on the other hand, Kurt's behaviour is beautifully simple:
     123 Return  moves me to the link, bringing up a new screen if necessary,
     123g Return  blasts straight off into cyberspace with no scrolling.

(3) it seems that people use different keyboards:
    in my innocence i thought everyone used a standard 101-key board.
    of my 101 keys i use only the regular qwerty area + the 4 arrows at right
    + occasionally PageUp PageDown which move the display 2 lines up or down.
    numbered links are entered from the top row of qwerty,
    while  ^A ^E space -  get me  top bottom next back ;
    the numeric pad is (literally) covered in dust;
    the F-keys get used for other things, as do  Insert Delete Home End ,
    but not for Lynx.

i'ld still like to hear from Kurt what the status of his proposal is:
up-and-running code or a glint in his eye?
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