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LYNX-DEV question

From: lvirden
Subject: LYNX-DEV question
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 21:16:25 -0400

I popped into the above page, went thru the cgi-bin, and got a patch
that _claimed_ to upgrade me to version 17.  However, I don't seem to
be able to find a tar or zip version of 17.  The patch didn't
go well - it caused something to look for LYExtern.[ch] but they
weren't created.  Also, there were some weird entries in the
diff file that didn't make a lot of sense - some Index lines without
diff files.  Finally, after I hoked around to get things to compile,
I tried out the resulting executable and just got a core dump.  Before
I bother trying to track down the core, I would like to just download
the whole tar and compile fresh.
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