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LYNX-DEV lynx on

From: Thanh Ma
Subject: LYNX-DEV lynx on
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 17:50:23 -0400


Please try:

Click on:

Hardware Category [System/x86 Uniprocessor
Company Name [Toshiba________________________]
Platform [x86____]
Search Now!

Now, where is the search result ? Same result for Dell, Gateway, etc...
I could not get UW's Netscape-3.01 to work neither. It crashed everytime
before I had a chance to click  on 'Search' :-(

This is the same on both lynx2.6FM and lynx-2.7.1

While you are there please check if the Toshiba Satellite notebook model
430 series is certified :-)

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