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Re: LYNX-DEV time for 2-7-2 ? (was numbered forms)

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV time for 2-7-2 ? (was numbered forms)
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 12:31:56 +0900 (JST)

> isn't it time to STOP, LOOK & DISCUSS BRIEFLY whether there is now
> enough material collected to create Lynx 2-7-2 ?

Considering recent comments, and because of the _possible_ addition
of important development threads (multiple language support, OS/2
port and tables mirage), I agree that things may need clarification.

> we shall all have something to focus on again.  at present,
> it's getting so there's too many versions, patches & bits & pieces

I don't understand this `too many versions' stuff that recent
posts have been bouncing around.  There is only one, unique
*DEVELOPMENT* code set, which can be found at:  or  and mirrors.
The last I looked it was labeled "lynx2.7.1ac-0.19".  When it
is ready for release as lynx2-7-2, lynx2-8, or whatever, really
is the prerogative of the current developers, isn't it?

Wasn't there a consensus that current development was entrusted to
Wayne, Klaus and Tom?  I don't think there has been a serious offer
to take the baton.  A lot of people are anxiously waiting for Rob
to enter the mainstream, but as I've said before what right do we
have to even wish for this or that?  Klaus might throw in the towel
tomorrow.  Scott may be subjected to severe budget cuts.  We should
be thanking our lucky stars.

> flying around for even the code-writers themselves to keep track.

Laura, Fote, Faith and other contributors will make their choice,
as is their right, to base modifications on a `release' (presently
vanilla lynx2-7-1) or to work with the development code (which by
definition is a `moving target'), according to what they feel most
comfortable with.  Tell me, what does it matter what we say?

> in saying this, i remain impressed by & grateful for what Laura, Klaus
> & others have achieved in the past few weeks (big smile).
> it looks like some important improvements have been achieved:

100% behind this comment.  You said it all.

> i'ld just like to have a solid version i can download & try out (grin).

Don't want risks?, then lynx2-7-1 is for you.  Enjoy the thrill, want the
cutting edge, want to get to the _core_ of things (love those core dumps!)?
Then the `current development sources' are for you.

It's great to be on the sidelines watching the players carry the ball.
Really good things come out of the free exchange of ideas.  I'm still
waiting for Klaus's rebuttal to Fote's post about fragments and
cacheing (Sorry if I missed it.):
        Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 21:51:49 -0500 (EST)
        From: Foteos Macrides <address@hidden>
        Subject: Re: responses
        of the no_cache anchor element when creating the USEMAP list for
        display, thereby reviving the bug which Scott reported.  Make a


PS My rebuttal to Fote (uuencoded):
begin 644 10000smilies.gz
M'XL(",L ;#,  S$P,# P<VUI;&EE<P#MS#$-   ( [ ?%;Q8F']AF. A:=*[
;*I5*I5*I5"J52J52J50JU==J 2V8"WXP=0  
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