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Re: fwd -- Re: LYNX-DEV OS/2 blowoff

From: Alan Cox
Subject: Re: fwd -- Re: LYNX-DEV OS/2 blowoff
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 11:57:16 +0100 (BST)

[CC to Derek, if you don't want this line of discussion Derek just mail me
and I'll lose you from the cc headers in future]

> 2-4-1 was/is covered by the University of Kansas's copyright statements.
> Those statements constitute some sort of a license (but I am not a
> lawyer...).  Also, according to Foteos Macrides, the GPL *was* in effect
> by that point.

Put this aside. Yes its a valid issue but you don't create co-operation
by bludgeoning people with licenses, you do that at the end after you
give up talking if at all

> workarounds.  (Also, if you have been incorporating *any* new code since
> the GPL was first applied to Lynx, then you are certainly violating the
> GPL.  To avoid that, you truly must reinvent all those wheels yourself.)

Indeed, but you are assuming he hasn't. Not guilty until ...

Now I'd like to see the Lynx/2 stuff merged into Lynx 2.7.1 so that Lynx
is truely multiplatform and all gain from it. How that is done doesn't bother
me. I'd for example be quite happy if we agreed with Derek that he doesnt
want to keep involved with lynx-dev could we all be happy with this 

        Derek sends us a copy of the Lynx/2 stuff on the conditions that

        1.      We don't call our OS/2 Lynx 2.7 derivative Lynx/2
        2.      We agree NOT to bother him at all about questions on the code

If he then wants to pick up the merged code and use it to produce an 
enhanced (but unavoidably GPL'd) version of Lynx/2 then he gains as well as
everyone for all the platforms Lynx supports.

Beating people around the head isnt productive, trying to find a common
ground is. 


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