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LYNX-DEV Character set support 2

From: Michael Sokolov
Subject: LYNX-DEV Character set support 2
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 14:20:04 -0400 (EDT)

   Dear Colleagues,
   This is a continuation of the character set support discussion. Klaus
was right when he said that KOI8-R "probably" is not what I'm looking for.
I'm NOT using Windows (this is lynx-dev, not netscape-dev), and I want to
use the encoding that all Russian DOS users use. It's even called "DOS
Cyrillic Encoding" in vernacular.
   I did install the current developmental version, and I did appreciate
the improvements in character set support. However, the main problem
remains unsolved. I have looked at the README* files and tables in
src/charsets, but what I haven't seen anywhere is a description of how the
new character set support system handles high control codes used in the IBM
PC character set and many others.
   I have said in the previous request that some WWW sites (most actually)
don't bother to specify a character set in the HTTP response. The only way
to support such sites is to use raw mode. Also the character sets are so
numerous and some of them are so weird that supported all of them
transparently is an unrealistic dream. Therefore, the correct
implementation of raw mode is the most important thing for me and many
other Russians users for now.
   In particular, if the terminal character set selected in Options uses
high control codes, Lynx must pass them unchanged in raw mode. But that's
not the current behavior in the current developmental version.
   Russian users would greatly appreciate it if this bug were fixed.
   Michael Sokolov
   Phone: 216-646-1864
   ARPA Internet SMTP mail: address@hidden
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