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Re: LYNX-DEV Getting proxies to work

From: Alex Lyons A32/373-Winfrith Tel2368 FAX2508
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Getting proxies to work
Date: Fri, 16 May 97 11:35:46 BST

Thanks, Fote, for incorporating my mods into your fotemods.  I presume that
in due course they will fall through into the next released version.

Having compared what you did against what I submitted, I have just a few
very minor comments.  In order of priority they are:

1. In HTTP.c you have:

            if (TRACE)
                        (using_proxy ?
                         "HTTP: Sending proxy authorization (yet).\n" :
                         "HTTP: Not sending authorization (yet).\n"));

  I believe the message should be:
        "HTTP: Not sending proxy authorization (yet).\n"

2. In HTAABrow.c, I had changed the final alert message from:
        "Access without authorization denied -- retrying"
        "Access authentication required -- retrying"
   which was then consistent with the equivalent proxy alert:
        "Proxy authentication required -- retrying"
   This was really just to remove the double negative and make the message
   slightly more comprehensible when it flashes up for a second or so.
   It would be nice if both messages were consistent, as they often come up
   in succession (at least for me when I fire up lynx to access a particular
   protected website).  If you prefer your version of the message (maybe
   American semantics are different to British?), perhaps the proxy alert
   message should change to:
        "Access without proxy authorization denied -- retrying"
   But, I must admit, I prefer my versions!

3. Both files have header comments giving revision history, and I had
   included in my submission some suitably short citation.  By their
   non-appearance in your version do I take it that my (rather pathetic)
   bid for immortality has failed?


PS: should alerts, messages and comments refer to
    "authentication" or "authorization"?
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