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LYNX-DEV lynx 2.7 win 32 starup problem

From: Crystal
Subject: LYNX-DEV lynx 2.7 win 32 starup problem
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 16:43:59 -0500

I am basically a newbie to trying to set up Lynx. I fell in love with
it on a BBS, and I am tired of how slow it functions through telnet.
Since I don't have access to a local shell acount, I want to set it up
on my computer.

I run Windows 95 and have the standard dial up connection that came
with the operating system. I downloaded  the Lynx 2.7 port for Win32
(said it was Windows 95 compatible). Well I unzipped the file to
c:\lynx. When I open the folder and double click lynx.exe to start, a
DOS window appears and this text follows:

looking up (2) first

looking up www.(2).com', guessing....

looking up www.(2).edu', guessing....

lookimn up www.(2).net', guessing...

looking up www.(2).org. guessing...

then it switches to a blue screen within the dos prompt and says:

Alert! Unable to access document

Then it switches to a black screen again and quickly flashes something
unreadable and exits the dos box back to windows very quickly.

I have pressed every concievable keyboard combination during this
process hoping to halt it so I could figure out what was wrong. So far
to no avail. I also looked at the Lynx.CFG in wordpad, trying to
figure something out. Also, no luck

Can someone please help me to set up this browser.

Thank you for your time.
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