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Re: LYNX-DEV RP merge??

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV RP merge??
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 16:20:51 +0900 (JST)

> > or possibly non-color attributes (bold, blink) carrying over to other
> > tags when they should stop, sudden changes in color with the beginning
> > of a new page, and the status line (or cursor?) attributes remaining
> > after exiting Lynx (and requiring executing stty to return to the
> > original settings) need to be debugged.  Maybe if more people would
> can you give me an example page where these sort of things happen?
> (the attributes remaining after exiting lynx has never happened to me
> so that's why it's not been debugged)

Will do my best, but quite frankly it's so erratic it's hard to believe
you haven't picked up on some of these.  First, though, let me emphasize
that the colors carrying over to the screen after exiting Lynx only happens
on my Win95 machine running TeraTerm.  It does not happen on the old
Fujitsu MSDOS machines running a proprietary telnet, which I know does not
pass all of the escape codes thrown at it.  However, if I use these DOS
machines with `vt100' emulation, the remainder of the status line after
the end of the URL blinks (and is a very strange red-white combination
with TeraTerm).

A few examples of what I think is aberrant behavior follow.  Telnet to and login as `lynx'.  Set your terminal emulation.  My
normal setting is `fmr70', and you can view that terminfo entry as
link [6] on the `[2]This Lynx' page.  You may view the lynx.lss file
as link [5] on that same page.

The first page (Welcome to pubLynx) is almost all cyan, whereas I would
expect parts outside of the h2 tags to be green.  I tried putting `body:
normal:green:black' in lynx.lss, but that did not change things.

Go to `[4]bookmark page'.  I don't understand why the asterisks at the
bottom of the page should be yellow; they come after the h4 tag is closed.
Now press `\' to check the source, and it will show up yellow except for
the title bar.  If you go to the bottom of the document using [SPACE],
suddenly the text will turn green, and remain so even if you back up.

`W' back to the homepage, Welcome to pubLynx, and follow `[5]request'.
Reverse (bold?) attribute wraps (staircases?) all the text area from
`Use this ...' to the bracket before the final magenta asterisk.  If
you look at the source (\) and then come back, the first and last lines
of the Message area change from cyan to white.  If you then visit the
information page (=) and go back, the last line becomes magenta.

Hope there are some hints in here that will be of help.

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