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LYNX-DEV survey of Lynx users

From: Philip Webb
Subject: LYNX-DEV survey of Lynx users
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 13:06:25 -0400 (EDT)

970520 Andreas Schmitz wrote: 
> I'm writing an article on "blind people using internet".
> I am sure the lynx-browser as an purely textbased browser is
> the most efficient for blind people.
> I didn't find any studies on how often the browser is used and by whom.
> If you have special information on users of lynx please send it by mail.
> Foteos Matides mailed you might have some informations. Is it right?

this raises a fundamental question for lynx-dev.
i've argued before that Lynx development is more than writing code.
lynx-dev is certainly a collective of highly-skilled volunteers,
  but we need to emulate a normal business where appropriate.
`R & D' has always been 1st-rate
  & in recent months there's been more attention
  to `customer service' & `production' in a variety of ways.
but `marketing' & `consumer surveys' are virtually non-existent.

there have been  2 or 3  listings of versions in use,
  showing how many out-of-date versions are still in service.
there's been a certain amount of anecdotal information
  about use of Lynx by the blind.
otherwise, we all know just about nothing.

isn't it basic to lynx-dev to find out more about who's using Lynx
  & use that information to promote Lynx more systematically?
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