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LYNX-DEV Article for gms/Hamburg 'Internet for blind people'

From: Andreas Schmitz
Subject: LYNX-DEV Article for gms/Hamburg 'Internet for blind people'
Date: 23 May 97 06:55:18 EDT

I'm writing an article for gms-themendienst/Hamburg on "blind people using
internet". I am sure the lynx-browser as an purely textbased browser is the most
efficient for blind people.
Unfortunately, I didn't find any studies on how often the browser is used and by
whom: If you have special information on the users of the lynx browser please
send it by mail.
In addition I'd like to know, if the Disability Act has any consequences on the
structure of web-sites and of what kind they are.
Many thanks
Andreas Schmitz 
Tel/Fax +49-40-511 31 66
e-mail address@hidden
Hamburg, Germany 

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