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LYNX-DEV Free Deckchairs!

From: Philip Webb
Subject: LYNX-DEV Free Deckchairs!
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 18:17:54 -0400 (EDT)

970523 Al Gilman wrote: 
>> Jason Baker wrote:
--- Titanic spam snipped --- 
>> Anyone else starting to find these subscriptions a tad suspicious?


>> Starting to look to me like somebody is trying to degrade the list
>> by subbing it to as many unrelated lists as possible.
>> Of course, I could just be paranoid. :)

probably not; yes, you probably are (smile).

> E Powell is clearly behaving as a bad apple.
> On the other hand, E Powell may be an unwitting bad apple
> innocently wanting to join forces with fellow Titanic fans,
> and having come into posession of a spamming kit
> without understanding that it is based on antisocial procedures.
> So I throttled the flame-thrower back a little.

two observations: (1) there are many well-meaning newcomers out there:
if apprehended & detained for questioning, EP would probably explain:
"i didn't know i was doing anything wrong.  someone told me i could use
this piece of software to publicise my lovely new Titanic site.
i'm eversosorry.  i'll know better next time".
consequently calling out the lynch-mob may be a trifle over-reacting:
best if he simply gets several polite notes from real people
pointing out that what he's doing is very anti-social in the e-World.

(2) i AM suspicious now that we've had  3  (i think) of these things
  within  c 24 hr  (i think).
somehow lynx-dev seems to have got on someone's junk-mail list,
  so if there's more, we DO need to find out where these innocent
  (or otherwise) dudes are getting lynx-dev's e-address from.
simplest way is to ask them.

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