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Re: LYNX-DEV <SPAN> inside <A HREF ...>

From: Foteos Macrides
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV <SPAN> inside <A HREF ...>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 22:19:21 -0500 (EST)

Jan Hlavacek <address@hidden> wrote:
>lynx version: 2.7.1oldRP+wb+ct-0.2 
>The first few links are not accessible by cursor keys.  I can access them as
>numbered links, they show up in the list of links.  It is not because of 
>an image with ALT="" or something like that.  Instead, it seems that  lynx
>for some reason doesn't like the Cougar <SPAN> element inside the anchors.
>I don't even know if <SPAN> is allowed to go in an anchor,  but since it is
>W3C page about stylesheets,  I assume they know what they are doing.
>Here is a segment of the source:
><TITLE>Web Style Sheets</TITLE>
><A HREF="../"><IMG BORDER="0" ALT="W3C" SRC="../Icons/WWW/w3c_home.gif"></A>
><H1>Web Style Sheets</H1>
><P CLASS=hide>(This page uses CSS style sheets)
><P ID=p1><A HREF="#new"><SPAN ID=s1>What's new?</SPAN></A>
><P ID=p2><A HREF="#what"><SPAN ID=s2>What are style sheets?</SPAN></A>
><P ID=p3><A HREF="#press"><SPAN ID=s3>Press clippings</SPAN></A>
><P ID=p4><A HREF="#software"><SPAN ID=s4>Styled software</SPAN></A>
><P ID=p5><A HREF="#css"><SPAN ID=s5>CSS</SPAN></A>
><P ID=p6><A HREF="#dsssl"><SPAN ID=s6>DSSSL</SPAN></A>

        The problem is not with SPAN, per se, but with any element
that has an ID attribute and is embedded in an Anchor.  Lynx treats
such attributes as NAME-ed Anchors, in compliance with the HTML 3.0
draft and i18n RFC (both accessible via the online 'h'elp).  You
thus could use #p1 ... #p6 or #s1 ... #s6 fragments to seek those
positions in the document.  Unfortunately, in the vanilla code the
NAME-ed Anchors when embedded in HREF-ed Anchors cause the latter
to be terminated, so in that markup they would end up as hidden
links.  I fixed that bug some time ago in the fotemods code set,
and if works fine with that URL, but the fix hasn't yet been
incorporated into the development code set.


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