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LYNX-DEV update

From: Foteos Macrides
Subject: LYNX-DEV update
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 00:18:40 -0500 (EST)

        An update of is available in:

* Tweaks of the 1997-06-04 mods for restoring emphasis of WHEREIS search
  targets in link names when they are changed to the current link or again
  made non-current.  When the link is made current, the first and last
  characters of the link name never are emphasized, so they'll retain the
  attributes/color for the current link, and the user can see (if sighted)
  that the link was made current.  With this change, the restoration of
  emphasis also is interpretable with Unix FANCY_CURSES, so the block for
  that is lifted.  Note that I figured out why the bold+reverse+underline
  combination doesn't work for that.  The vanilla and this Lynx code are
  not adding or subtracting attributes for their start_foo() and stop_foo()
  functions (as is done for slang and VMS curses), but are replacing them,
  so you always end up with the last attribute in a series of start_foo()
  calls (underlining for the search target emphasis).  I don't know if
  ability to sum attributes applies to all Unix curses flavors for which
  FANCY_CURSES is defined in the Makefile, so I left the Unix, non-slang
  start_foo() and stop_foo() functions the way they are, for now. - FM
* Escape characters properly when constructing URLs from filenames
  in LYConvertToURL.  If a string given for startfile, home page, or
  a 'g'oto command which does not already have the form of an absolute 
  URL starting with a URL scheme and which does not start with '~' 
  (but may start with '/') specifies an existing file or directory in 
  valid Unix-like format for the native filesystem, i.e. without using
  escaping, it gets URL-escaped, otherwise it is assumed to already
  be URL-escaped. - KW  (Note that the development code is applying this
  test for VMS, and shouldn't. - FM)
* Mods in LYGetFile.c so that any '~' in file URLs is handled as when in
  startfile, home page, or 'g'oto commands.  Only the first '~' is converted
  to Home_Dir(), and only for the first symbolic element in the URL, and if
  it is followed by a username, that username is stripped (so that the
  "~username" becomes a reference to the home of the account running Lynx,
  as if only '~' had been used, and can't be used as a reference for an
  arbitrary home).  Note that we don't do this stripping for ftp URLs,
  because the ftp server should decide, itself, whether to grant access to
  arbitrary homes, based on the username and password that were used to
  log in.  Note, also, that if the account running Lynx is allowed access
  to the root of the file system for its home, then access to any arbitrary
  home in that file system can be gained from there.  Access to the root
  never is allowed for file URLs in the for-VMS code, but depends on the
  root's protection in the for-Unix code.  Also, any arbitrary path in file
  URLs will be attempted if it is specified as an absolute path.  The
  stripping of the username from "~username" in most cases on Unix only
  protects against probing for homes in other file systems, without the
  user knowing the corresponding absolute path. - FM


 Foteos Macrides            Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research
 address@hidden         222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545
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