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Re: LYNX-DEV Using $HOME/.lynx to store lynx config files

From: Alex Lyons A32/373-Winfrith Tel2368 FAX2508
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Using $HOME/.lynx to store lynx config files
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 97 09:29:17 BST

Andrew Kuchling wrote:

> The .lynx directory is created if it doesn't exist; the user is *not*
> prompted about it.  If Home_Dir()==/tmp, /tmp/.lynx will be created.
> If the .lynx directory can't be created, Home_Dir() will be used.

I suggest that the second choice (/tmp/.lynx) ought to first require
confirmation, and that the third choice, just putting the files in Home_Dir,
should be replaced by a question like "in what directory would you like to
put your Lynx configuration files?"

> The patch also changes LYrcFile to look for .lynxrc in the directory
> provided by Lynx_Dir().  Is there anything else existing that should go
> in the private directory?

If .lynxrc is to go inside .lynx, it doesn't itself now need a leading dot; ie:
just call it "lynxrc", or "lynx.cfg" or (as it is now obviously something to do
with lynx) just "user.cfg" or "conf".

Other files that could go in there, in addition to cookies and certs, would be
bookmarks, Lynx.trace, user-modified jumpfile, mime.types and mailcap, and a
persistent access/proxy authentication database (if I or anyone else ever get
round to writing the code to let lynx dump/load its data structures).

I hope this is helpful,

Alex Lyons.
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