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Re: Draft CERT bulletin (was Re: LYNX-DEV security.html)

From: Scott McGee (Personal)
Subject: Re: Draft CERT bulletin (was Re: LYNX-DEV security.html)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 23:41:18 -0600

My own personal feelings on the matter (subject, of course to the opinions
of Fote and the Development team) is that a 2.7.2 release based on fotemods
would better than rushing to release the devel code. That way, we can get the
devel code ready in less of a rush, and take time to thouroughly beta test 

When the devel code is released, what do others feel about calling it 2.8?
Fote has picked up much (Most?) of the devel changes other than autoconf
from what I understand of what I read so maybe fotemods should be 2.8 and
devel 2.8.1 or 2.9. What say you all?


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