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LYNX-DEV fix-v2 temp code.

From: Jonathan Sergent
Subject: LYNX-DEV fix-v2 temp code.
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:37:50 -0500

Anyone willing to look at it?

The current FOTEMODS code doesn't avoid the race condition problem (it
is possible to create the symlink to the existing file after tempname()
but before the fopen to write on the file with another process.  It's
hard to get in there at the right time, but it's not impossible.)  And 
although it can avoid (but not prevent if it loses the race) overwriting
existing files through symlinks it does nothing about not creating new
files (through symlinks which don't point to existing files).  Having to
use "/tmp/$USER" directories is annoying.

I really think we should seriously consider trying to get rid of those 
problems.  If you folks don't believe me on either of the above points 
I can put together a demonstration script of some sort but I'd rather 
not do that for hopefully obvious reasons.

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