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LYNX-DEV 2-7-1 compile/run errors under Digital UNIX 4.0B

From: Robert Benites
Subject: LYNX-DEV 2-7-1 compile/run errors under Digital UNIX 4.0B
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 12:49:46 -0400

This morning I downloaded lynx 2-7-1 and applied the
(dated 15 July 1997). I was trying to build it under Digital UNIX

When I try to compile it with the distribution Makefile I get a
compile error:

cc -O -Olimit 4000 -DUNIX  -DFANCY_CURSES   -I../WWW/Library/Implementation 
-DOK_PERMIT   -I..  -c LYCurses.c
cc: Error: LYCurses.c, line 425: In this statement, "ttytype" is not declared.
    if (strncmp((CONST char*)ttytype, "dec-vt", 6) == 0) {
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

In the past I'd received guidance that I needed to modify the
distribution Makefile to include an addition option:

< SITE_DEFS = $(DIR_DEFS) # Your defines here
> SITE_DEFS = $(DIR_DEFS) -DNO_TTYTYPE # Your defines here

When I do this, lynx compiles without error, but dies when I try to
execute the binary:

% ./lynx -version
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
% dbx ./lynx
dbx version 3.11.10
Type 'help' for help.

(dbx) run
signal Segmentation fault at >*[strcasecomp, 0x120095820]       ldq_u   r1, 
(dbx) quit
% exit

Anyone have any suggestions?

-- Bob
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