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LYNX-DEV suggestion for development version of lynx's configure program

From: Larry W. Virden, x2487
Subject: LYNX-DEV suggestion for development version of lynx's configure program
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 09:07:07 -0400

In the --help output, it would be useful if instead of (default: on) and
(default: off) if the comment was (default: enable) or (default: disable) .

Or at least, in the final distribution, if there were a note indicating
that when one sees in the help a --disable-* that means that the default
is --enable* and vice versa.  That is the case, right?

I also was curious.  In most of the other lynx specific cases, it
looks as if --enable/--disable flags are used for Boolean toggles while
--with was going to be used to indicate some sort of user included info.
However, there appears to be a couple of flags that violate this mental
assumption (for example, --with-char-trans).  So, I would like to readjust
my mental model to match that of the maintainers of the configure script.
How do you decide whether an option begins with --enable or --with?  This
isn't a major deal - I'm just curious.
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