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From: Stefano Sammartin
Subject: LYNX-DEV SOCKS firewall
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 09:26:56 +0200

Hi there,
I've been using WIN32 port of Lynx 2.7 with a connection using PPP on a modem line (Win95), andsince last week my company provided to us a fast access to internet via ethernet LAN, using a firewall which may be configured i.e. with netscape giving the host address and port number at the SOCKS option only (under Configuration Section "Manual Proxy Configuration"), and that makes it all up and running.

Problem: is there an equivalent setting in the lynx.cfg file, maybe somewhere under the following section:

which may help me to continue using Lynx with this new firewall-configuration? I already tried to put hostname and port number in http_, https_, ftp_proxy rows, but with no result.

Please use this address for replies: mailto:address@hidden

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
Best regards
--Stefano Sammartin

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