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LYNX-DEV Bug? Error message from Lynx 2.7.1 under Linux and VMS

From: Kevin Cole
Subject: LYNX-DEV Bug? Error message from Lynx 2.7.1 under Linux and VMS
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 10:12:55 -0400 (EDT)


I was searching through your pages for information on the following error
but didn't find anything.  (Maybe I just don't know where to look.)
When connecting to:

I get the following error:

                               500 Server Error
   The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was
   unable to complete your request.
   Message: Line length exceeded caller's buffer size
   Please contact the server administrator, address@hidden and inform
   them of the time the error occured, and anything you might have done
   that may have caused the error.

I get this message from two Linux 2.30 systems running Lynx 2.7.1 and from
a VMS system running 2.7.1.  I don't get the error from a machine which is 
running Ultrix and Lynx 2.3 BETA, nor from Netscape or MSIE.  Haven't tried
amaya or arena or any other browsers.

It's possible that it has something to do with something I turned on or off
during the compilation, since I built from the sources on the three machines
that fail to connect.

I've been in contact with the webmaster at the site and he's baffled.

Can you help?
 Kevin Cole,   Systems Guru    |  E-mail:  address@hidden
 Gallaudet Research Institute  |  WWW:
 Hall Memorial Bldg  S-440     |  Voice:   (202) 651-5135
 Washington, D.C.  20002-3695  |  FAX:     (202) 651-5746

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