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LYNX-DEV Re: Regarding lynx2.7.1ac-0.50.tar.gz

From: RamNarayan S
Subject: LYNX-DEV Re: Regarding lynx2.7.1ac-0.50.tar.gz
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 22:15:00 +0500 (IST)

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An update on the following.

>> I just downloaded and compiled lynx development version 2.7.1ac-0.50 and
>> would like to inform you of an odd behaviour.
>> My system configuration is as follows
>> HP-UX A.09.03 with gcc 2.7.1 (though I have slang and ncurses, I am not
>> building them in). Term is xterm.

I am now using `ncurses' as my default curses though I am disabling style
etc. for the Lynx code because it croaked the compile. :-(

>> Whenever I invoke lynx, I don't seem to get the reverse video indication
>> on my active link.  I have to enable `show cursor' to see where I am.
>You should get the current link in reverse, but it is possible that
>there is some mismatch between the terminal and the terminfo or
>termcap entry for your terminal type.  Maybe you have to experiment
>with various terminal types (like `lynx -term=...') to find the right

Nothing works. I recompiled v2.7.1 using the same environment and Bingo!!!,
it works as usual. So, there is some change after 2.7.1 which caused my
curses to go blind :-( I am not sure where.

>> Things are fine in v2.7.1, but I run into some problems with some sites
>> where I cannot properly display the character ". It shows up as &#34
>> which surely translates into ".
>Please give an example for this.

I access USA.NET where I have an account to send mails occasionally and  
where I encountered this problem. When I click (hit Enter) on `Send'  
button, it indicates a redirection of POST content and queries me as to what
has to be done. When I say (G)et URL, it indicates that the mail has been
sent, but in truth nothing goes out. Looks like a caching problem, but I
haven't checked. In addition to that I have a weird looking &#034 coming up
on the screen. Looks like some parsing kludge has to be done ???

The same thing works fine in developmental versions past v2.7.1 except for
the video attribute problem. 

The text format dump looks like this.

                           From: &#Name1 & Name2"
                        <address@hidden> [LINK]

The HTML source dump looks like

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="MFrom" VALUE="address@hidden">
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="FLine" VALUE="&#034Name1 & Name2&#034 &lt;
<TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>From: </b></td>
<TD WIDTH=530>&#034Name1 & Name2&#034 &lt;address@hidden&gt;</td>
<A HREF="/NA/AddrBook/CHSFSU/Choose"><IMG SRC="/images/addressbk.gif"
<HR WIDTH="100">
<HR WIDTH="100">

Any updates ???

RamNarayan S
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