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LYNX-DEV No color in Lynx with slang ???

From: RamNarayan S
Subject: LYNX-DEV No color in Lynx with slang ???
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 22:49:20 +0500 (IST)

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Anyone out there who has Lynx with slang (color Lynx)  successfully  running
for HP-UX ?

I have Lynx 2.7.1  #ac54  compiled  with slang in for a HP-UX  9.03 with gcc ncurses is my default library for curses.

I have a color  xterm  and I don't  seem to get my  Lynx to show  any  color
though I have tried mucking around with the lynx.cfg color combinations.  It
shows only a highlighted status bar and nothing else.

Any problem with termcaps etc ?  Forcing it to use the option -color doesn't
result in any change except that the highlighting goes off.

I have been successfully able to use the mouse though.

RamNarayan S
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