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LYNX-DEV Contents of <TITLE> tag at top of printed page

From: Kevin Ternes
Subject: LYNX-DEV Contents of <TITLE> tag at top of printed page
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 17:37:32 -0400

There is a requirement where I work to have the contents of the <TITLE>
tag displayed at the top of each printed page the way that Netscape

The security status of all docs here must be displayed not only on the
screen but on each and every printed page.  So all HTML documents here
have their status put in the <TITLE> and with Netscape this works out
pretty well.  If we are to use Lynx in this environment, it must also
behave this way.

I looked at the LYPrint module thinking about modifying the code but the
means of doing this is not at all obvious to me.  Any suggestions?  Or
even better, can anyone tell me exactly how to make this change?


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                            "Promoting better living through UNIX"
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