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LYNX-DEV Problems with Win95 port of LYNX

From: Langguth Karlheinz
Subject: LYNX-DEV Problems with Win95 port of LYNX
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 09:41:54 +0200

I was tempted to send you a mail recently from Netscape (clicking on a
link within a web document). Since the reply address was not configured
correctly you could not answer. I´m very sorry about that. Now I´m using
(as usually) MS Exchange. The original mail was:

>Dear maintainers of the LYNX cult!
>I recently downloaded the Win95 port of LYNX from
>The version is:
>Updated on 1997.08.12 @ 8:30 EST with 2-7-1ac-0.49.
>I want to use LYNX for downloading binaries with the help of a
>batchfile. So I tried the following commandline as a test:
>lynx -source <Source-URL> >foo
>I had to find out, that there is a newline conversion from newline "\n"
>(UNIX style) to newline&carriage return "\n\c" (DOS style). I didn´t
>expect the "-source" option to change the source in any way. Or is the
>conversion already executed at the server site? What can I do to
>the conversion?
>Thanks in advance,

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