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Re: LYNX-DEV color style code, LWV's dbx results

From: Larry W. Virden, x2487
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV color style code, LWV's dbx results
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 06:43:58 -0400

>From: Nelson Henry Eric <address@hidden>

> > So if someone interested in improving the color style sheets wants an
> > area to investigate, you might check to see why without an entry for status
> > and/or alert, the text being output on the status line doesn't clear any
> > text on the status line.
> Larry, I'm not sure why you're worried about the situation in which there
> is no entry.  Admittedly, to polish up the code, there should be a warning
> that there is no entry for a particular style, or there should be a fall-
> back default for every style.

Have you ever noticed how someone's job colors the way they look at the
world?  My job is software maintenance for general purpose software.
So my first approach to software is watching for the little things.
In this case, it was only recently I stumbled over the reason why
over the past year or so lynx with color style sheets kept aborting - I
had forgotten to install the style sheet.

THAT's why I am worried about it.  Many users who try this out is
going to be building the new lynx, executing it from the build directory,
then emailing us with a 'why is lynx broken' email msgs.

Though it's a kludge, I am almost tempted to add a few lines of code
which, if the installation directory isn't found, checks the current
directory for a styles directory ...

> Another area to investigate is why the color scheme of the status line
> becomes the default for the system prompt and command line after exiting
> Lynx.  If I put "status:normal:yellow:blue" in lynx.lss, then when I exit
> Lynx the prompt and anything I type in is yellow on a blue background
> instead of white on black.  (Alert in my case is "alert:bold:yellow:red",
> but I don't ever remember having seen this.)  Do you not see this, Larry?

Until this past week, I couldn't even get the code to execute.  All my
testing is on a monochrome screen.  So I don't see _anything_ in terms of color.

Hmm - I just started lynx up in rxvt.  Hmm - Henry, do you happen to have
the style sheet you are using lying about ?  How about anyone else working on
the style sheets?  Henry, I _don't_ see the behavior you describe.
What I do see is that the color highlighting extends past the text of
the status line.  And the highlighting for <LI>'s appears inconsistent.
Some extended from the left margin of the screen to the end of the current
line, while some do not.  
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