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Re: LYNX-DEV 2.7.1ac-0.84

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV 2.7.1ac-0.84
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 11:48:18 +0900 (JST)

> I believe you see a "controversy" where there isn't any.  I certainly

Actually I think there is "controversy", certainly not between any two
people, but between "status quo" and "change".  I personally don't care
much for change unless there's good reason for it.

> didn't mean "that's all I will change", and nowhere have I said so, and
> you shouldn't take it that way.

Sorry, jumped the gun as usual.  Somehow I got into my head that you were
pretty much freezing development (i.e., all major changes have been made),
and wanting bug reports (from ac-0.83) only.  I'll crawl back into my hole
and wait for a definite "pre-release" announcement.

> I just did the no-brainers as a start.  I also expected some more
> comments; missing so far (I think) were any comments from Fote or someone
> else who knows the older history better, and may have a better idea why
> things are organized the way they have been.  I just wouldn't like to move

I wasn't "expecting" so much as "hoping" for guidance.  It's hard trying
to do what seems reasonable when you don't have the whole story.

> > COPY* files, I can't see "about_lynx" as the place for them.  If anything,
> > they probably should be in the top directory (rather than docs, that I
> > originally proposed).
> Actually they probably should be in the top.  (Seems to be what most GNU

Probably the one "safe" change that can be made, although it does require
patching of .html files under lynx_help.

> > Lynx run on Unix and VMS."  I would like to go even further than I did in
> > SIMPLEDIR to combine the three files "README", "DESC" and "RELEASE_STATEMENT
> Well go ahead.

May have to wait until Saturday, but I'll get on it as soon as possible.

> is.  Maybe there is or was a good one, and someone is able to say whether
> it still applies.

Another time to say it I guess, PLEASE DON'T BE SILENT.  If you (fellow
Lynxer) happen to find an error or an oversite, or see a better way,
speak up, please.

> "official" in it seems a bit bogus.))

Bogus, yes, but some people need it like a security blanket.  Maybe put
it in quotes!

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