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LYNX-DEV When taking a guess isn't so smart

From: dom
Subject: LYNX-DEV When taking a guess isn't so smart
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 17:03:22 +0100 (BST)

Having in the past given up with the domain name due to
the amount of irrelevant email I received to it, you would have
thought I would know better.

I own the domain name HTTP.ORG. The web site for that domain has
always received a fair amount of seemingly random hits, presumably
from people mistyping URLs and having their domain suffix search
order including ORG.

Recently however I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number
of hits to, so I decided to investigate further. Looking
at the access logs, it did appear that the recent upsurge in hits
could also attributed to mistypes. But why the very recent increase ?
The common link is Lynx web browser 2.7.1.

It would appear that the latest version of Lynx likes to pretend to
be clever and guesses at a URL if it doesn't receive a response from
the host that you typed. Unfortunately this means that a request for
any of the following typos:

  lynx http//
  lynx http//
  lynx http/
  lynx http/

Will result in Lynx trying...

  Looking up 'http' first.
  Looking up '', guessing...
  Looking up '', guessing...
  Looking up '', guessing...
  Looking up '', guessing...

At which point my site is queried.

The risks are obvious. Confusion reigns and I receive a constant
flow of hate email from users all around the world who think that
I have hijacked the web sites they are trying to reach. *sigh*

  Dominic J. Hulewicz - mailto:address@hidden -
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