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Re: LYNX-DEV How to change screen size??

From: Alex Lyons AEA Technology Winfrith
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV How to change screen size??
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 97 17:12:07 GMT

> > I want to change the screen size from the normal 80x24 to 20x16 (or
> > something else).  The size appears to be controlled by the LYCols and
> > LYline variables -- but I've having trouble figuring out where to set
> > them to get a new size.
> They should be derived from the curses (or whatever) screen size.
> Lynx can pick up the screen size from a SIGWINCH if it's properly
> configured (I was looking at this last week), but it's not designed
> to resize on-the-fly (in fact, the endwin/refresh path for resizing
> isn't properly supported in Lynx, either -- so I gather that the
> whole screen sizing code was added as an afterthought).

Resizing of the lynx display window (xterm or Sun's shelltool)
didn't seem to work properly, at least when using ordinary curses,
and particularly if you tried to make the display larger.

I have previously posted (June 20) some mods to lynx-dev to fix this:
they're nor particularly elegant, but they appear to work for me.
However, these mods seem to have been largely ignored by the main
lynx developers.  Perhaps if this is once again a live issue someone
could examine them?

Look in:

Alex Lyons
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