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Re: LYNX-DEV re: your lynx support

From: Jim Dennis
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV re: your lynx support
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 18:58:46 -0800

> My terminal doesn't naturally wrap, so I'll make this brief.
> Thanks for making my life simpler and faster. Lynx is the coolest, and 
> apparently

        What a confusing message!

        First I don't see what terminal line wrapping ("natural" or
        otherwise) has to do with message length.  Obviously you
        can, and did, insert some line feeds of your own.
> now the most obscure browser I have ever seen. 

        I don't think Lynx is even close to the "most obscure."
        While I've see quite a bit of ignorance of the access
        issues related to making HTML pages "lynx clean" I've
        seen very few web masters that hadn't heard of it.

        In other words Lynx is known to be out there; even if it
        doesn't get the respect that we feel it deserves.

> I'm a linux newbie extremely impressed with my new universe.
> Thank you for helping to make it possible.

        Lynx is not a Linux specific phenonmenon.  Indeed we
        Linux users have the rare advantage of Netscape support
        for our particular OS choice -- which which is not 
        enjoyed by many of the other Unix variants in the world.

        I'd guess that Grail (a Python based web browser) or
        TkWWW (a TCL/Tk based one) would be much better contenders
        in the "most obscure" category.

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