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LYNX-DEV Who to send feature addition patches to?

From: Chris Maxwell
Subject: LYNX-DEV Who to send feature addition patches to?
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:33:10 -0400

  I apologize if this is an already answered question, but 
I did not find it either in the FAQ, nor a quick scan through the 
list archives.

  I have a number of feature additions, behavioral alterations, 
and such resulting from Chebucto Community Network's use of 
lynx as our login shell.  (This includes using GetText/LibIntl/whatever
you call it for internationalisation instead of simply substituting
a new LYMessages_en.h.)  I am wondering to who and in what 
format I should submit them to get them into the mainline code
so we do not keep having to add them every time a new version
of lynx comes out fixing some bug or whatnot.

  Thanks very much for any help.

Chris Maxwell
Chebucto Community Network
address@hidden  / address@hidden

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