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LYNX-DEV ac #105

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: LYNX-DEV ac #105
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 15:32:23 -0500 (EST)

This incorporates fixes by Fote for VMS, etc.; I don't have a VAX to test on,
so there may be problems with that.  (Suggest that someone who's got a VAX
take a look ;-).

* workaround for sed expression when rerunning configure with config.cache
  for slang libraries (reported by Hynek Med). - TD
* fix indicated by Laura Eaves for LYUCFullyTranslateString_1() - TD
* modify SPAWNING_MSG for DOSPATH configuration, avoid unnecessary use
  of clear-screen in shell (patch by Doug Kaufman). - TD
* remove install-help from list for install rule, adding message to
  indicate how to install it. - TD
* install lynx.lss only if color-style is configured. - TD
* correct filemode for DJGPP when processing config-file, patch by
  Doug Kaufman). - TD
* add LYNX_LSS_FILE to config.hin, reported by Ambrose Li
  <address@hidden>. - TD
* new copy of INSTALLATION file from Henry Nelson Eric. - TD
* add COPY* to install rule. - TD
* simplify includes in UCdomap.c by using include-path in makefiles. - TD
* build configure script with patched autoconf to workaround limited
  environment space on CLIX 3.1 - TD
* rename mnemonic_suni.tbl to mnem2_suni.tbl to accommodate 'make' on
  older system with 14-character name-limit. - TD
* sorted some lists (e.g., character sets) which were unreadable. - TD
* incorporate most of FM's changes from 971124 to 971230 (see below). - TD
  (Note:  don't try to use fflush(stdin) -- it's an FAQ -- nonstandard,
  dumps core on some platforms).
* Added Unicode translation support for "DosBaltRim (cp775)" and
  "WinBaltRim (cp1257)". - FM
* Fixed bug in the order of re-initializations for the 1997-12-22
  get_connection() mods. - FM
* Fixed typos in some LYCharUtils.c comment. - FM
* Reworked -width=NUMBER command line switch for specifying the screen
  width for formatting of dumps (default is 80; forced wraps occur at one
  column less than the screen width, i.e., at 79 by default). - FM
* Tweak of get_connection() in HTFTP.c to re-initialize the elements of
  the connection structure when using a previously allocated connection
  object. - DW & FM
* Mods of LYexit.c, LYClean.c, LYMain.c and LYMainLoop.c to fflush() all
  standard file descriptors in conjunction with all fopen() and fclose()
  operations on the TRACE log and redirections of stderr via equality
  statements (see 1997-12-16, 1997-12-13 and 1997-07-18 mods). - FM
* Changed all %i tokens to %d or %ld in functions that always get decimal
  values in their arguments. - FM
* Further mods in LYClean.c (see 1997-12-13 mods) do block the
  *stderr = LYOrigStderr;  statement in cleanup() for VMS with VAXC. - FM
* Added an ELGOTO keystroke command, mapped by default to upper case 'E'
  (lower case 'e' still invokes the editor for the current document, if
  it is a local file), for passing the URL (or ACTION) of the current
  link to the line editor for editing as a goto URL.  Works like the
  ECGOTO ('G') keystroke command for editing the URL of the current
  document as a goto URL, i.e., if the URL is not modified, is set to
  a zero-length string, or ^G is entered, the command is cancelled. - FM
* Mods of LYMainLoop.c to disallow ECGOTO or ELGOTO commands for File
  Management (DIRED_SUPPORT) menu URLs. - FM
* Added reporting of the Discard value (YES or NO), in the Cookie Jar Page
  (note that until we have code for storing cookies beyond the current
  session, Lynx behaves as if Discard were set, whether or not it was set
  by the server, but we still report the server's instructions, as we do
  for the Maximum Gobble Date). - FM
* Tweaks in LYList.c to make the link numbers correspond with those in
  the current document when LINKS_AND_FORM_FIELDS_ARE_NUMBERED in on,
  and to show the current document's URL in the display. - FM
* Mods in HTTP.c to show the body of a 305 return status instead of ever
  acting on it.  A number of security/privacy problems with this status
  are being discussed in the HTTP-WG, and it's likely to be dropped or
  deprecated in the next revision of the HTTP/1.1 specs. - FM
* Restored the v2.7.1 HTmmdecode() that's specific for iso-2022-jp in
  HTMIME.c.  We still only call it when HTCJK == JAPANESE, and the
  generalized version reportedly has problems. - FM
* Removed the *stderr = LYOrigStderr; statement from VMSexit() in LYCurses.c
  and added it to the if() claused section which closes the TRACE log file,
  if opened, in cleanup() of LYClean.c.  This is just a stab in the dark
  for dealing with reported problems on exit with VAXC on VAXen.  We may
  need to use freopen() for redirecting TRACE messages to a file for VAXC
  or VAXen (there's no apparent problem with the current code with DECC
  on VMS/AXP). - FM
* Added more function key cases to the keypad() mode switch() in LYgetch()
  of LYStrings.c.  We don't need them with this code set, but they may as
  well be there for completeness. - FM
* Mods in LYCookie.c to prompt whether to accept (or reject) cookies with
  an invalid domain value which yields a hostname prefix with a dot (as
  specified in section 4.3.2 of the IETF cookie drafts and RFC), rather
  than rejecting it silently.  Note that it is rejected in non-interactive
  (-dump or -source) mode, because the user can't be prompted. - FM
* Added a PREPEND_BASE_TO_SOURCE configuration symbol in lynx.cfg which
  can be set FALSE to suppress prepending of a Request URL comment and
  BASE element to text/html sources retrieved for 'd'ownloading or passed
  to 'p'rint functions.  Note that this prepending is not done for -source
  dumps unless the -base switch also was included on the command line, and
  the latter switch overrides the setting of the PREPEND_BASE_TO_SOURCE
  configuration variable. - FM
* Mods in LYMail.c and LYPrint.c to handle to=address(es), cc=address(es),
  subject=string, keywords=word_list, and body=message fields in the
  ?searchpart of mailto URLs as specified in the 1997-11-16 draft:
  The cc=address(es) values are now handled as a Cc: header, and a self
  copy, if confirmed on prompt, is added to the Cc: header.  Note that
  the draft now allows mailto:?to=address(es)[&foo=blah] as a format,
  i.e., without an address before the ?searchpart.  The Netscape
  ?searchpart tack-on broke all pre-existing implementations of mailto,
  and this breaks Lynx's support through v2.7.1.  Though it's now
  supported in this code set, don't use it.  Complaints and formal
  requests to provide this functionality via a new scheme (e.g.,
  mail: or smtp:) without breaking existing implementation of mailto:,
  including from TimBL (HimSelf :), thus far have fallen on deaf ears.
  You can send email to those deaf ears via:
  Don't allow the IETF backward compatibility principle to go down
  the drain. - FM
* Mods to support use of the PMDF SEND command on VMS in conjunction with
  a temporary header file, so that all headers specified in the ?searchpart
  of mailto URLs can be included in the mailing, and made that the compilation
  default in userdefs.h to go with the default MAIL_ADRS mask for PMDF (If
  the "generic" VMS MAIL utility is used, not all of the headers can be
  specified on the command line, as it requires).  Look at the code in
  LYMail.c and LYPrint.c that is used when isPMDF is TRUE as a model of how
  to do this with other header-file-capable VMS mailers (but I don't have
  any besides PMDF, and can't do it for you :). - FM
* Tweak of the 1997-11-17 URL parsing mods so that relative symbolic
  elements immediately preceding a ?searchpart are handled identically
  to when a ?searchpart is not present. - FM
* Added support for setting both SYSTEM_MAIL and SYSTEM_MAIL_FLAGS in
  both userdefs.h and lynx.cfg. - FM

Thomas E. Dickey

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