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Re: LYNX-DEV Klaus

From: Chris Maxwell
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Klaus
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 17:09:46 -0400

Form Based Option Screen: 

  The Chebucto Suite people have done three things in their modifications:
    - Using GNU/Solaris libintl (aka gettext) to achieve internationalisation
    - First crack at Form Based Options screen
    - Small things to disallow randomly wandering the file system and such

  I can send these to people toward testing them and hence getting them 
  into the mainline code.  However, I don't wish to get involved in sending 
  them to 100's of people so...  :-)

    Anyway, should anyone wish to look at a Forms Based Options screen, 
 there is existing a working start upon which future efforts could be based.
 So if this is a project that someone else wishes to undertake I would
 ask that you contact me to avoid duplication of effort.
 Chris Maxwell, Current Lynx "person" for CSuite
  Sat, Jan 31, 1998 at 08:26:54PM -0400, Philip Webb wrote:
 Klaus wrote:
> Subject: LYNX-DEV Next release, status of development code
> On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, T.E.Dickey wrote:
> > > As I understand it, 2.7.1 is the latest release of lynx.
> > > When is the next release expected?
> > I dunno - I'm waiting for people to get together.
> P.S. some other things that I think are important, but probably should
> wait (unless someone volunteers to do this now in a short time):
> - "BarryScript", - localized messages, - form-based Options Screen
> [PW again] my point in quoting this is to show that Klaus expected
> to be away for some time starting c 971220, but not earlier,
> & fully intended to play a central role in release of 2-8 before then.
> it wasn't a question of moving: he had already just done that.
> 971201 Klaus wrote:
> Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx "release" page and pre-release of v2.8
> On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Nelson Henry Eric wrote:
> > > it start being updated now, to ensure a smooth transition.
> > > Also, in the past it was customary up offer a "pre-release"
> > > on the "release" page for maximum testing and final tweaks
> > > before the actual release.
> > > The "a few days before Christmas" target is not far away
> > Sorry, Klaus, but I really feel I, too, need to prod you on this one.
> > ==> Please announce the "pre-release", and address bug reports _only_.
> > Anything else stick in the wish-list.  You can polish up the code
> > when you get back and are resettled again next year, or whenever.
> I have started <URL:[11]>.
> It's obviously not complete, but at least it is a place to point to.
> (Scott should decide whether that's OK as a semi-permanent location.)
> The summary of changes there is off the top of my head,
> just some changes that came to mind that might be important to a lot of users.
> I have probably overlooked a lot of things;
> if there is something you feel should be listed there, please speak up.
> There currently is no "pre-release" code set different from the usual
> "development code".  The changes that come to mind to make the devel-code
> -> Lynx 2.8 switch are basically replacing the string 2.7.1 (or 2-7-1)
> in a lot of places, an renaming "" to "CHANGES".
> (Is there something I have overlooked, Henry?  Some SIMPLEDIR changes
> remaining to be done?  You haven't updated SIMPLEDIR.gz in a while.)
> [PW again] obviously Klaus expected to continue taking part in things
> for a few more days at least.
> there was  1  more brief message on another topic at 971202 0125 CST,
> ie very late the same waking day.  since then he has vanished.
> Finger gives:
> []
> Login name: kweide                      In real life: Klaus Weide
> Directory: /home4/kweide                Shell: /usr/local/bin/bash
> Klaus Weide (kweide) is not presently logged in.
> Last seen at xochi on Tue Dec  2 15:49:53 1997 from
> New mail since Wed Dec 31 16:47:10 1997.
> Has not read mail for  0:51:18.
> No plan.
> [PW again] if i read that right, he's not been logged in since later 971202,
> but has been reading mail as late as today.  NB one problem the last time was
> that lynx-dev communications were not functioning correctly for him.
> Klaus is obviously very intelligent & well-organised.
> whatever has happened to him must be very sudden, utterly compelling
> & something he doesn't really want to discuss with the Big Wide World.
> one natural explanation is that he has been suffering from a physical ailment
> for which he was expecting to enter hospital,
> where he would have very limited access to computers;
> or possibly he has a child or parent who is ill & far away,
> whom he has had to go & visit.
> whatever the exact cause, it was so sudden & premature
> he didn't have a chance to correct the impression he left with us 971201.
> if it's a sick parent or a business crisis (eg) far away somewhere,
> Klaus will no doubt be back in a few weeks & 2-8 will follow soon after.
> if it's Klaus himself, however, who has been knocked over by something,
> his return may well be longer delayed & somewhat problematical.
> that's the background against which everyone should be assessing
> the course of Lynx development over the next few months.
> besides that, Klaus himself richly deserves the friendly concern
> of everyone associated with lynx-dev.
> -- 
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